Tubal+Ablations= Danger

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Ablation and Tubal Ligation Complications

Pictures speak a thousand words....The following are not for the weak.
While I do not have first hand experience with Post tubal ablation syndrome I have met one woman that has.

First of all when or if bleeding becomes uncontrollable after a tubal ligation as it often does, many doctors will offer a women hormonal birth control. If that doesn't work she often is offered an Ablation. The following excerpt is from a study found on pub med regarding the subject.

CONCLUSIONS: Tubal ligation is not a statistically significant risk factor for
hysterectomy after endometrial ablation. Tubal ligation does not affect the
length of time from endometrial ablation to hysterectomy.

THIS is what happened to Sarah....

The above pictures were taken during her hysterectomy which HAD to be performed due to adhesions caused from the NovaSure ablation while having her tubes tied.

The following is Sarah's video testimony she did with Tubal Connect talking about her Post tubal ablation syndrome
For other videos from Tubal Connect please click here

If you have had a tubal ligation and your doctor is offering you an ablation I HIGHLY encourage you to do your research as well as speak to women like Sarah that have walked that road before. Click here for a blog I happened upon while researching the Novasure procedure or join our PTLS support group by clicking here

We have noticed in our support group that many women with tubal ligations are being offered an ablation for their abnormal bleeding. We highly encourage any woman offered this option to do her research thoroughly as an ablation performed on a woman that has undergone tubal ligation can develop Post Ablation Sterilization Syndrome.
“Post Ablation Tubal Sterilization Syndrome (PATSS) is a rare condition affecting some women who have undergone both endometrial ablation and tubal sterilization procedures. Those with PATSS can experience intense pain, vaginal bleeding, cramping, lower back ache, and painful intercourse. Pain and symptoms associated with the uterus could be resolved with a hysterectomy. However, some symptoms of PATSS involve the Fallopian tubes rather than the uterus.
According to one study, “The syndrome is caused by blood circulation problems in and around the Fallopian tubes and ovaries, pressure on nerves, and intrapelvic adhesion.” The Fallopian tubes of some women with symptoms of PATSS have been enlarged and swollen. Both acute and chronic inflammation have been found involving the tubes of women with PATSS. For these concerns, removing the uterus may have little to no affect. Instead, the solution could be a salpingectomy (removal of the Fallopian tubes) or reversal of the tubal ligation.
In other cases, women have been found to have endometrial scarring and/or myometritis, an infection of the muscular wall of the uterus. For these issues, a hysterectomy may be a possibility. Other less invasive treatment options could include antibiotics and pain medications.
Because the symptoms of PATSS can mimic other conditions, it is important for you and your physician to determine if there are other health concerns to consider. Keeping a detailed  symptom diary can help you and your medical team more accurately determine what is going on. Conditions that need to be ruled out will include endometritis, tumors, and polyps.
Before scheduling a hysterectomy for PATSS, be sure to seek a second opinion. A gynecological surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive surgery may be able to help. Another option could be a gynecologist who specializes in chronic pelvic pain.”

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