Filshie & Hulka Clip Pain

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This page was created due to the lack of information I was given prior to receiving my Filshie clips as well as for the women I have talked to globally that have been misinformed on their adverse effects. I suffered severe and debilitating stabbing pains related to my tubal ligation with filshie clips. I'm happy to say I had immediate improvement after my reversal. You can read my full blog story here.

The above is the small print from the Filshie clip brochure that every woman should receive when they get Filshies.
Here is the link to the full brochure
*******NOTICE: As of 9/27/15 the link now misdirects to another page. Please contact me if you would like a copy of the brochure this information was pulled from OR join the facebook support group for a file on Filshie clips that contains this brochure along with pubmed studies showing failure and complications.

The following struggles are not of myself but of another I have had the honor of  speaking with through the support group I belong to. Sadly there are some pretty scary stories out there about Essure but some of the lesser known stories are from Filshie Clips. The little metal buggers that I had. If you don't know what they look like here is a picture. They are made of titanium with trace amounts of nickle in the silicone that line them.

While they may look relatively harmless I can assure you they are far from it (you can read my story here). Read on for Maureen's 20 year struggle of pain....pain that started when she was sterilized with Hulka clips. (similar to Filshie clips but made of gold)

Maureen's own words....

Here is my story & a journey I would never have gone through had a doctor had told me the side effects of TL ( sterilization )
I am originally from Bristol. My father brought me & my 2 brothers & mother up to Anglesey here to work in the power station when I was 4 ½ years old. I am a married mother of two now grown up boys. Darren & Adam. My husband is called Ian who I have been with since I was 16 years old.
Here is a brief story of living 20 years with a so called back problem. That could have been rectified years ago! May 2012 I went to get a release for my medical records because I was convinced that a Doctor may have missed something. Nine days after I had my records I found out what was wrong! 20 years the doctors had to find out what was wrong. I knew there was something wrong because when I was getting up in the mornings I either had to crawl to the toilet or needed two walking sticks to get there. I couldn't straighten up. I had to walk sideways like a crab because the pain was so bad it just wouldn't let me go straight! Or straighten up.

To fully understand Maureen's struggle here is a video of what she dealt with on a daily basis. Keep in mind this had nothing to do with her age. (I experienced the same ordeal at age 30 and thanks to my blog she started searching for more answers than her doctors were willing to admit to her). 

I am ecstatic to announce that Maureen has since had a reversal and no longer struggles to get around as she did in the video above but she does still have her struggles. With 20 years of a metal clip bumping around inside of her she unfortunately has permanent damage she may never recover from, we however keep praying and hoping that her symptoms will still go away with time. 

If you or a loved one has suffered damage from the clips please contact Erin Brockovich

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