Depo Provera Shot

It is a collaborative effort to get all victims together so we can communicate and bring about change. Consider it your news source and a way to fight big pharma- not members. This is NOT a support group.

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While I personally have never been able to take any hormonal birth control there are many women that do. So while I can't give first hand experience on the risks or dangers women go through I have met a woman that is currently trying to advocate for women that have been injured by the shot Depo Provera. Her name is Elaine Riddick and she is somewhat of a legend due to unfortunate circumstances.

I've had the honor of speaking with Elaine and if you are unfamiliar with who she is you can learn more about her by clicking HERE or do some google searches on her name. During our conversation I told her MY story. It was during that conversation that she had a new discovery...she too had suffered from PTLS. She joined our support group on facebook learning how many more of us there are that have suffered the same symptoms she had endured but always assumed was due to her age at the time of the sterilization.

Our conversation seemed to be that of kindred spirits as she told me of the women she was helping support through The Rebecca Project. Women that have been hurt by the Depo Provera shot. At this time she is collecting information on the side effects and damages they have endured. While some women see the shot as ok because they have taken it for years with the only side effect being weight gain others have had much more significant changes. Elaine is helping support them through her efforts on Facebook.

Throughout her life she has fought for women's rights, knowing the importance of determination and bravery. She inspires others to fight to be heard, including myself. If you have been injured by the Depo Provera Shot please help strengthen her voice. Help make a difference by contacting her.

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