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This is a link to share your story with Erin Brochovich if you have suffered from the "birth control" device called Essure.
(The below is a link to an Essure info page on facebook)
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Mirena is a popular hormonal intrauterine device (IUD) approved for birth control and the treatment of heavy periods. Mirena was approved by the FDA in 2000 and is currently used by over 2 million American women. It has recently been reported that the FDA has received over 45,000 Adverse Event Reports from Mirena users. Commonly reported side effects/injuries from Mirena are:
  • Uterine Perforation
  • Cervical Perforation
  • Embedment in the Uterine Wall
  • Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Scarring & Adhesion
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  • Infertility
  • Ovarian Cysts
If you or a loved one has used Mirena and have suffered a serious injury, you may have valuable legal rights. Please complete the case evaluation form to have your case evaluated for absolutely free.

Another link popped up tonight in my facebook feed I felt should be added to this list. The Mirena IUD has been a much debated topic of conversation amongst my personal friends as well as the message boards. Here is another link to contact lawyers if you have suffered damages.
Erin Brockovich Filshie Clip investigation


  1. Do you have any information on tubal clamps/clips?

    1. A long time ago we were running a "campaign" to get all filshie wearers to contact Erin Brockovich. This resulted in her getting numerous emails all at one time. This was very impactful and got her attention. However we had some setbacks in our "team work" and the project fell by the wayside. We've continued to ask filshie wearers to contact her but she no longer has a specific link on her site for it. Here is a link that you can comment on her facebook wall.

      Here is a link to contact her about your filshie story. At the moment she is helping Essure get the media attention it deserves.

    2.>filshie check this out im a victim also and iv be placed on the list for the possible class action lawsuit. Good luck honey.

  2. I want to share with you my story. For three plus years I have been in excruciating pain, tired as hell and bleeding all the time. Sex hurts so bad and I gush blood every time so my husband and i don't have it unless I have some alcohol in me and can relax enough to allow the pain. We use to be there times a day. Needless to say it's not even once every two weeks now. I bleed ALL the time. Sometimes it smells so infected and old. Want to GYN, the bitch, sorry that is what she is, didnt believe all my pain. That was 2 years ago. The first period I had after my tubal, my son was 4 months. I was rushed to the ER because my husband found me on the floor in unbearable pelvic pain. I was told I had PID. Wrong. Second DR said no you dont. You just have bad periods. NEVER had them before. About 8 months ago, missed my period. 3 positive pregnancy tests. Flipped out crying in fear and joy. What a miracle right? Well, at 6 weeks miscarried that sweet Angel. Heartbroken to say the VERY LEAST.

    I recently went to the neurosurgeon for a very large L5-S1 herniation and severe hip and pelvis pain. Always sick, always tired, always in PAIN. he listened. The first doctor in three years to LISTEN...I'm guessing the cane I was prescribed and the ridiculous gait was the first red flag. He ordered additional xrays and MRI of cervical and thoracic spine on Friday as a STAT. As you can clearly see by the xray my clip is embedding into my pelvis and the left one broke. I would like to send it if i may. Two and a half years ago I called my OB to find out exactly what tubal was done. Their response "We don't know.".. We don't know?! I never consented to foreign objects being put in my body. Never. And I'm so just beyond belief that this man I trusted did this to me. I go back to my Neuro on Monday. Very anxious to see what he says. I'm so pissed. And hurt. And so very angry as I've lost the last 3 years of not being able to do ANYTHING with my kids, being out out of work, drinking heavily to relieve the pain and never finding out why until finally ONE man decided it wasn't "all in my head". Now I wait for the next step. #StopFilshieClips

    1. @Krissi Langdon. Words can't express how sorry I am to read your story. It's shocking how many women come to our support groups on facebook with very similar stories. I truly wish we were capable of getting all dangerous devices off the market but at the moment they are protected.

      Our Essure Sisters have been making headlines on their hard work and progress. Their group started out with just a few members and has grown to over 22,000! They have had meetings with the FDA to get Essure pulled from the market and we fully support their amazing hard work and efforts.

      Too many women, myself included, sign their tubal ligation consent without ever being told what device (if any) will be used. They use a generic explanation of what the "risks" are, none of which included heavier periods from my doctor's explanation. She abandoned me. I saw her one day after my child was delivered which is when she told me Filshie Clips were used in case I ever changed my mind about wanting more children. I laughed and told her I was DONE, a reversal would NOT be in my future. I lived to eat those words because unfortunately I wasn't given true consent. The clips can cause damage to organs and nerves. They are KNOWN to cause abdominal pain, it's written in the brochure, which I was never given. Thankfully I began googling my symptoms sooner than you did but I understand your anger! It's an emotional moment to realize ALL of what you've been through could have been prevented or helped sooner if they would just listen and believe us when we present them with our symptoms.

      GYN doctors know what PTLS is and are trained to push us out the door with prescriptions, believing it IS in our heads because that is what the CREST study "proved" but this study was truly flawed. The few doctors that have taken the time to research this further realize that women ARE having difficulty after tubal ligations. If men have issues after vasectomies then why are we any different?

      My best advice is for you to join our support groups on facebook. Talking with other women that have walked in your shoes can be some of the first steps to healing (emotionally). We have great support advocates that can also tell you their stories so you can make a truly INFORMED decision about where to go from here.

      You are in my prayers and I hope by finding this blog you have taken your first steps on your path to healing.

  3. Please help get a lawsuit on filshie clips its a horrible thing for a person to go through im dealing with this now not knowing they even put clips i was not told about side effects they said my tubes were to far up in me and they had to wait for special tools well the special tools they never mwtioned were filshie clips because they couldnt reach my tubes to tie or burn them ive gained weight horrible headaches smoch pain constant periods are so bad i have to lay in bed every time my cycle comes im a single mom with 3 kids and im only 28 and have to deal with this i have been told thwy contain nickel and i am allergic to nickle my head itches all the time i am loosing hair i think i have endometriosis please please get these clips off the market sincerely brandy stafford


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