Sunday, May 5, 2013

There is hope!

Since my reversal I must say life has been restored. 

Where hope was lost, it has now been given a new meaning.
Before reversal PTLS had left me feeling defeated and alone. I was a skeptic that a reversal could actually do anything other than restore my ability to bear more children (which I do NOT plan on doing). 

My reversal was a last attempt to get my life back. To end the daily pains that plagued me...from the random electrifying abdominal pains to the flu like symptoms that left me feeling like I'd been ran over...I wasn't sure I was going to make it out as ME ever again.

Everything happens for a reason however...
I've always fully believed that. My life's mission is to now go forth and tell the success I have had since be an advocate for other women that are suffering so that someday the stigma surrounding this syndrome can be laid to rest. It is not in our heads! It is not psychological, how could it be when I have never changed my mind about more children? 

My symptoms were there before I knew what PTLS was or that other women suffer from it...a result of my tubal ligation and I know this because ALL of my symptoms went away after a reversal. I may not have a medical degree (yet) and I may not be able to prove the science behind why the PTLS occurred in the first place, however, I am walking proof that the body  can restore and heal itself...because my reversal gave me my life back.

Please read on for my PTLS story and share this blog with any woman you think may be suffering. 
You could give her back her life by giving her this information. My goal as an advocate is to educate the that someday this syndrome will not be something that can be denied by doctors, instead they will have to inform women about it BEFORE choosing a tubal ligation.

Join this helpful support group if you're suffering or would like to make a difference...every voice counts

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