Saturday, August 20, 2011

How many of these will I need before they listen?

Yeah so another day of waiting for a resolution....another CT scan was ordered...another inexperienced nurse giving me a painful IV...more nausea from drinking the contrast dye...waiting 2 hours for it all to run through me...all so another Dr. could tell me the CT scan was normal, just like the previous 2 I've had in less than a month. How in the hell any Dr. can be so pig headed NOT to listen to the voice of reason I don't know. Seems to me after 10 years of Med school logic would somehow come into play or be taught that if modern medical equipment can't find anything. For Pete's sake use common sense and little reasonable deduction. If the problem began when I got the tubal ligation and has gradually gotten worse as time has gone by then why is it so hard to figure out what to do?? It's like when you lose your keys, you re trace your steps to find them right? Well why then are these dr.'s so stubborn with their God complexes that they can't re trace my history and listen to me when I say I never had these problems before the Filshie clips were used?? Are dr.'s incapable of using medical journals anymore?? Or how about Google?? There is evidence out there supported in medical journals that other women have the same issue!! There are several blogs out there of women TRYING to get the word out there that they have had the same problem!! Why are they so damn stubborn they can't listen, or read for that matter? Not everyone's body reacts the same way to medicine so why then do they think putting a foreign object into someone will always get the same result? I'm so fed up with being poked and prodded...being exposed to unnecessary radiation...if the previous 2 CT scans that were done in the last month didn't show anything then why oh why do they somehow think another one will?? Geez louise. I was told by my family dr. after getting the results of this last scan that he won't refer me to another GYNO (even though their office can't do reversals or remove the clips) No I'm suppose to go be treated like a pin cushion some more, go through more unnecessary testing so they can then refer me to YET ANOTHER dr. that will then have to do their own testing and's truly absurd the LACK of CARE that goes on in the health CARE field these days. Does anyone go to school to be a dr. because they want to help people or is it all about a pay check nowadays? Heed my warning ladies, think twice before getting your tubes tied, especially ask how they plan to do it, DO NOT GET THE FILSHIE CLIPS because IF you are one of the "few" that have trouble with them, you will go through hell trying to get them back out!! Well, it's either hell or $6,000 cash to get them back out...I don't have the luxury of having $6,000 laying around so I have to try and find a dr. that will believe me and will try to file it on insurance as it being a medical need to have them this point I'd be better off trying to light a match under water...


  1. Hi, I saw your comment on my blog and tried to send you a personal message, but I could not. I will link your blog to mine, if you don't mind. We need many voices to help insure this doesn't happen to other women.


  2. Why are they so really persistent they can't pay attention, or study for that matter?
    tubal reversal

    1. Jack I wish I had an answer for that. Unfortunately I'm learning the hard way that most Doctors have very Narcissistic personalities and they rarely see things from any other perspective other than their own...even the theories fellow doctors may have and test to prove something they still don't believe it unless they see it and do it themselves. I'm not sure if this is something that is taught to them in school or if it's just a personality thing however MOST of the dr.'s I have talked to have heard of PTLS and they will practically laugh in your face that it's not real, that it's been proven as not real. Well, I may not be a dr. I may not have a degree in science I do however have common sense to know that if a woman has pain upon waking from a surgery that she didn't have before surgery and it doesn't go away after a year and new symptoms and conditions show up that she didn't suffer from before then logic tells you that it all traces back to that ONE day, the day of surgery and the procedure that was performed. Why they are so bent on proving or thinking otherwise is beyond me but I've made it my life's mission to change lives and law. I focus on advocacy! I spread the word about PTLS and await the publication of Dr. Gary S. Berger (of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center). He will be giving more information on the topic of PTLS and his findings after doing tubal reversals all day, every day for over 3 DECADES. I think he will have some truly enlightening views to educate everyone on...until then I focus my attention where it makes a difference!! If you haven't done so already please join our "movement" on facebook. You can find our Activist Unlimited group under my tab at the top titled "Help Raise Awareness." Thank you for your comments! Every voice we can get to help spread the word is another voice that makes a difference.


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