Monday, October 3, 2011

Hope floats

Discouraged and feeling even more hopeless I began searching for more answers online after my last post. Thank God for the message boards on Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal's site!! Story after story I read could have been written by me...from the rude dr.'s to the testing, the hysterectomy offers but most of all the symptoms. I then began reading up on the success rate a tubal reversal could offer towards what I had been living with for over a is because of so many women speaking out and sharing that I made my final decision. I took out a loan and began praying.
Thankfully my prayers were heard because when I found the nerve to call for an appointment I was able to get in only 7 days later with Dr. Monteith at Chapel Hill!!

My surgery was Sept. 28th at 11:30!! I was a bit surprised at the level of pain I had when I woke up. It felt a lot like the labor pains I had as soon as they delivered my son via c section. (I had a spinal block for his delivery, yet still experienced severe cramping) I must say that although I was crying and hurting really bad the staff was great! They didn't seem annoyed that I was a "whimp" and gave me everything they could for pain. It took about an hour for my pain to decrease from severe labor like cramping to severe period cramps. Since we were able to get it to go down to painful period like cramps I was released to go back to my hotel room...So much more comfortable than any hospital room could be and was truly a home away from home.

By the time I reached my room at about 3:30 the pain had dulled even more that I was able to let the pain meds lull me into a peaceful sleep. When I woke up at 5:30 there was barely even an ache. So I made a ph. call back to home to update everyone, went potty, and grabbed some food. I may be moving slow but this is nothing like after my c sections. After moving around my pain did increase, but it was time for more pain meds as well so I took those and rested comfortably in bed with my laptop :)

5 days post surgery and it's amazing the changes that are already taking place!!

I had these skin rashes that would come up every now and then on my hands that I thought were related to washing them too much but apparently not. When I went for my reversal I had one on my wrist. The following day after surgery it had began to clear up! Day 5... almost completely gone. I didn't have these before so I guess it's not a coincidence that it's clearing up after the TR.

My acne has already begun to clear up as well. I've not changed my skin regimen yet my cystic acne begun to heal rapidly on day 2-3. The soreness that cystic acne can cause is crazy but the inflammation and soreness is gone on day 5.

I've not had ANY shooting pains in my abdomen!!! Yes I'm sore from the surgery and I'm not leaning over much yet but so far NO SHOOTING PAINS IN MY BELLY OR GOING DOWN MY LEGS!!! My lower back ache is GONE too!! My shooting pains and back ache were the number one reason I wanted the reversal and thus far it would seem as though they are GONE!!! Of course the other dr.s I went to said they weren't related...funny how they seemed to go away when a TR was done??? My hair has also stopped falling out at an abnormal rate...It still comes out some when I run my fingers through it but NOTHING compared to right before the tubal reversal.

As the days and months go on I plan to update this posting with my progress so that other women can see there is hope!! Don't let dr.'s take your parts when they are fully healthy!! Don't be their lab rat!! Listen to your inner voice that screams something isn't right and get to Chapel Hill to let them make it right again!! (Or of course another office that believes in PTLS and will perform a Tubal reversal for the relief of PTLS, insurance will likely cover it if you can get your dr. to file it for medical reasons)
I had my doubts when I began my researching...I had a hard time believing that all of my issues could be related to the TL. A hard time believing that it was as simple as getting a reversal to get it all fixed but after reading the message boards on Chapel Hills site, and reading blogs out there, I found too many stories written by other women that could've been mine...stories that had happy endings when all the women had to do was get a reversal. Again thank you thank you thank you to all the women who posted their success stories, I'm proud to be on the other side of the fence with you so maybe I can help other women too :)


  1. I know how u feel I am going through the same thing. I had got a tubal ligation and I have been having sharp pains, my hair has been just coming out by the hand fulls it seems like, my pain has only gotten worse and the acne I have never had a problem with it and now I do. And the doctors will not listen to me when I tell the I have not had any of these symptoms before my tubal ligation. I have done CT's and ultrasound and they still can't find the problem. But won't listen to me. My insurance will pay for it if its a medical problem. But I don't know how to get them to listen to me.

  2. Jody I'm so sorry you're going through this. There are MANY women that come across my blog and join the support group saying the same things. I hope you have taken a look at the list of doctors I have compiled on here and maybe one of them will be helpful. If not then please join my support group because there's one thing I've learned and that is we all have something to learn from one another when going through this. We need to lean on one another for information as a network and be together. My hope is more women will be able to get the help they need as we pool our resources. Bless you and I wish you the best on your journey.


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